Monday, December 28, 2009

Pops’ 2010 Predictions

Tiger Woods’ wife files for divorce. The story consumes the US media for most of 2010. Elin Nordegren appears on Larry King, Oprah, Ellen and the View. Otherwise the media focuses on the Kate and Jon Gosselin divorce proceedings and the Charlie Sheen felony assault charges. Legal experts like Nancy Grace and Greta Van Susteren devote most of their shows to covering legal aspects of all three. Due to these “major stories” being aired 24/7, 50% of America basically ignores everything else that will take place in 2010.

Iran ignores the end of the year dead line set by President Obama. Obama sends Senator John Kerry as a special envoy to meet with Iranian leaders. Formal talks are agreed upon and scheduled for November 2010. Kerry appears on the cover of Time and is hailed as a hero.

California begs the Obama administration for a $20 billion financial bailout to keep the state afloat for 2010. This is soon followed by Michigan, Rhode Island and several large US cities like Gary, Indiana. As with the health care bill, the Democrats enact a 3,000 page, pork laden, Blue State stimulus bill. The legislation stirs up Tea Party protests throughout the summer which are ignored by Congress, the president and the media. They also ignore negative Congressional Budget Office reports which warn of a financial collapse if the bill is passed.

The bill is passed without one Republican vote on the 4th of July. Tax payers are further enraged when California grants teachers a 5% pay increase after receiving the bailout funds. Soon after the bill’s passage, the commercial real estate bubble pops and there is an earthquake in San Francisco; this results in California asking for a second bailout.

By April it is becomes clear that Dubai will not be able to repay its $80 billion debt. This causes a financial crisis in Western Europe, especially in the United Kingdom. British banks approach Parliament for a financial bailout to cover the Dubai loans.

Despite close EU monitoring, Greece is unable to recover economically. The Euro weakens against the dollar as the crisis deepens and Spain shows signs of crashing economically. Ireland asks for an EU financial assistance package.

A lone terrorist walks into a crowded shopping mall and shoots over 30 people before he runs out of ammunition and is subdued by survivors. The shooter is connected to the same Imam as the Ft. Hood killer. Janet Napolitano appears on CNN and claims the man was mentally unstable and was not connected with a terrorist group. The following day Sean Hannity discloses that the killer was on the UN’s “no fly list”. Obama pushes for stronger federal gun control.

Afghanistan remains fairly quiet until the late Spring of 2010. There is a huge terrorist attack in Kabul that kills hundreds. Several British troops are killed in a surprise attack in a so called “safe area”. British tabloids run stories about the lack of sufficient troops and equipment which sparks a public outcry in Britain. The UK announces that it will withdraw all of its forces by the end of 2010. The Netherlands and Germany follow and announce troop pull outs prior to the US deadline of July 2011.

Iraq elects a pro-Iranian government despite several minor border incidents related to oil wells. Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey hold “trade talks”.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad makes a speech at the UN condemning Israel for its mistreatment of Palestinians. He remarks that Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth. The speech is greeted by wild applause. Alarmed by the speech and receiving new intelligence that Iran will soon have a nuclear weapon Israel finally launches a brilliant Entebbe like raid on Iran destroying the known nuclear facilities. The attack is totally unexpected by the USA and is condemned by President Obama and the European Union. Obama pledges financial aid to Iran. Senator John Kerry flies to Iran to inspect damage. CNN runs stories on children being killed in the raid.

In retaliation, Hezbollah launches missile attacks against Israel from Lebanon which kill hundreds in Tel Aviv. The IDF responds with a major invasion into southern Lebanon. Several UN “peacekeepers” are killed which results in further condemnation of Israel by the UN, the US and the EU.

The UN passes a resolution creating a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. The World Court issues warrants for most of the Israeli political leadership to be tried as war criminals in Den Hague.

Obama is given the Man of the Year Award by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Associations.

Harry Reid loses his Nevada Senate seat but Republicans fail to regain the US Senate. Talk radio hosts and conservatives are outraged that the Republican National Committee failed to produce viable candidates in races that could have easily been won. Nancy Pelosi wins in her district 70/30% and remains Speaker of the House. Republicans come within a few votes of taking back the House. Despite numerous Tea Parties and huge public demonstrations in Washington, “safe districts” remain safe for many Democrat incumbents.

China no longer will purchase US Treasury Bonds which throws a major wrench into the machinery of the blue state stimulus and Obama Care bills. International financers become nervous about creditor nations dumping US treasuries. A panic starts when it is learned that George Soros has put all of his holdings into Norwegian Krone.

John Kerry wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama is Time’s “Man of the Year.”

As 2010 comes to an end, California politicians begin discussions with Washington about a 3rd stimulus bill to keep the state functioning during the first quarter of 2011. California welfare recipients are given a 10% cost of living increase in their benefits.

Tiger Woods is photographed while out on a date with porn star.

Charlie Sheen pleads guilty to disturbing the peace and is ordered to undergo anger management training. His TV series is renewed.

A former employee accuses Joel Olsteen’s wife of embezzling money from Lakewood Church.

The New York Times approaches Obama about a stimulus package to keep the Times operating.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Follow the Money

There's probably not much point in hiding what money you have left under your mattress. The almighty dollar ain't gonna be so almighty in the future. The storm clouds are already forming on the horizon (in the direction of India and China).

Check out this story on Bloomberg to learn all the gory details.

It makes you think about a lot of things.....besides going broke and never being able to retire. For example; when was the last time you heard about a "boom town" sprouting up in the USA? If you look at a US map and go back in time (not that far back) you'll probably be able to identify a lot of boom towns that are now bust.

Is it because we no longer make stuff in the USA or are too frightened to "exploit" our nation's natural resources such as ANWAR? It seems all the economic booming these days takes place outside of the US...out of the reach of our repressive government.

True, the USA did have a lock on financial services but now the world has learned that the so called experts were nothing more than rogues, scalliwags and scamps dressed up in nice suits. I can't blame the Chinese and Indians for not trusting us. I know I wouldn't trust us. Would any of you accept a California IOU? I thought not.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hear the words of the prophet Ezekial

"Now upon you I will soon pour out My fury, And spend My anger upon you; I will judge you according to your ways, And I will repay you for all your abominations."

If you believe in G-d, you may have considered that all of the bad news we've been hearing might be part of a long over due divine judgement. We certainly have it coming.

Check out the link. Looks like our earthly riches will soon vanish.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rumination #1

How on earth has the USA managed to become a third world country in the matter of a mere 6 months? If somebody would have told me back in 1980 that we would have to borrow money from the communist Chinese to keep our country afloat, I would have dismissed it as tin-foil hat talk.

California is paying its bills with IOUs, General Motors and Chrysler are owned by the government and all our leaders can think about are new ways to spend money we don't have. It's going to get much worse before it gets better.

Is there anybody out there who can save us? I think not. Washington D.C. is rotten to the core. The media is corrupt and a significant number of Americans simply don't care. Michael Jackson's death is of much more concern to the MTV generation.

Good-bye America, I will miss you.